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G. D. Roy, S. M. Frolov, R. J. Santoro, S. A. Tsyganov «Advances in confined detonations» ISBN: 5-94588-008-6
Год выпуска: 2002
Издатель: Торус Пресс
Число страниц: 312
Автор(ы): Рой Г. Д. / Фролов С. М. / Санторо Р. Дж. / Цыганов С. А.

Цена:  1 500 руб.

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The book contains more than 50 revised and edited condensed papers on confined gaseous and spray deflagrations and detonations and their applications to pulse-detonation propulsion written by international experts in detonation physics, chemistry, and propulsion from 9 countries. The contributions are presented in three sections:

  • Confined Gaseous Deflagrations & Detonations
  • Confined Heterogeneous Detonations
  • Pulse Detonation Engines

The contents of the book have been assembled from the material submitted to the International Colloquium on Advances in Confined Detonations, Moscow, July 2-5,2002. The book is intended as a source of Information on the state-of-the-art and world-wide activities in the area of chemical propulsion based on pulse detonations. The volume will be useful for researchers, power plant designers and engineers, and can serve as a reference book for graduate studies in combustion science and chemical propulsion.

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