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D. Knight, Y. Bondar, I. Lipatov and Ph. Reijasse «Progress in flight physics. Vol. 9. EUCASS book series»

ISBN: 978-5-94588-215-7
Год выпуска: 2017
Число страниц: 542
Автор(ы): Найт Д. / Бондар И. / Липатов И. / Рейджас Ф.

Цена:  6 675 руб.

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The book contains twenty-six papers selected from the ninety-nine papers pre-sented in the Flight Physics sessions at EUCASS 2015 in Krakow, Poland. These papers were reviewed by experts, revised, and throughly edited to provide state-of-the-art knowledge in their respective fields. The book is organized into six chapters: (1) Aerodynamics; (2) Experimental Methods; (3) Flow Control; (4) Nonequilibrium and Rarefield Flows; (5) Shock Waves; and (6) Stability, Transition, and Turbulence.
The volume was prepared as a reference for research scientists and practicing engineers in the field of flight physics.

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